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Organic fertilizer Fish Meal

Organic fertilizer Fish Meal
Organic fertilizer Fish Meal - фото 1
Обновлено: 3 мая 2022, 17:47 ID: 1771822
1.15 /килограмм
Cloudpuffs, SIA Рига, LV
на Флагма с 5 марта 2022
Makxim Ushakov


A novelty in the fertilizer market!!! Organic fertilizers!! At a low cost, you can fertilize a large area. Organic fertilizer based on fish meal contains a micro and macro elements necessary for plant nutrition.

Fish meal is one of the most important organic fertilizers, it includes all the necessary micro-nutrients and substances. The addition of fish meal to the soil, improves its structure, increasing fertility and accelerating the growth of plants.

How to use:
when growing seedlings: apply 0.2-0.4 kg / sq. m., mix well after applying to the soil when planting seedlings in the ground: pour 20-40 gr. (1-2 tablespoons) of fertilizer into the hole and mix thoroughly with the ground when feeding: 100-200 gr. per 1 sq. m. followed by loosening and watering

NPK 6-4-0,4 ;
humidity- max 12 %;
organic substance- min 60%;
reaction pH-6,5

Price 1.15 eur/kg net

Tel. Latvian
Tel. Polish
Active WhatsApp, Viber. We speak English, Polish and Russian.

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Cloudpuffs, SIA Рига, LV
Работает на Флагма с 5 марта 2022
Makxim Ushakov
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Cloudpuffs, SIA Makxim Ushakov, Director
Organic fertilizer Fish Meal
1.15 €/килограмм ID: 1771822
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