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split peas в Астурии

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Продаём дрова колотые, лучину для розжига, пеллеты, брикеты.
Продаём дрова колотые, лучину для розжига, пеллеты, брикеты.
Продаём дрова колотые, лучину для розжига, пеллеты, брикеты.
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Продаём дрова колотые, лучину для розжига, пеллеты, брикеты.
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Продаём дрова колотые на экспорт: граб, ясень, дуб, клён, вяз, берёза, ольха, осина, хвоя (сосна, ель). Работаем на условиях FCA-Беларусь. Упаковка: деревянные ящики 2RM, 1.8RM или другие по Вашей спецификации. Производим 400-600 ящиков в месяц. Также продаём лучину для розжига и топливные
30 июн 2020
We are offering millet, chickpeas, whole peas, sunflower seeds for feeding, split peas
1 €/шт CFR
Ukraine origin commodities from direct exporter/seller on CFR delivery terms. Since 2014 year our company is dealing as agricultural commodities trader. We do all variety of packing and delivery. If you have any demand pls contact me on WhatsApp
28 янв 2021
Pea seeds
1 €/price on request
Our company is ready to offer supplies of pea seeds for fodder and technical purposes. Seeds can be with germination and without germination. The frequency is minimum 97%, we can refine the seeds to 99.5% purity. at the request of customers. We will be glad to cooperate. Katerina Pyrko (viber,
18 апр 2022
Yellow peas
Оптовая цена
215 - 220 $/т FCA
LLC "RSM Plus" is an exporter of packaged and weighted cereals. Cereals packed and weighted for export. Marking of products in the customer's language, Packing both under own TM and under customer's TM. Full package of documents. Different delivery conditions FOB, FCA, FAS, EXW. Product quality
1 окт 2018
Firewood for sale
2 €/шт
The wood species we use to make firewood are: Ash, Oak, Birch, Alder, Pine and Fir. Each log can be cut into pieces of 25, 30 or 45 cm, split 4-6 times for 8-15 cm diameter and stacked into 1m³, 1,8m³, 2m³ or 2,2m³ boxes or bags of 9.5 L, 21 L, 30 L, 40 L or 60 Liters.
15 сен
Oak , Beech, Alder, Birch Firewood
120 €/т
Oak, beech, alder, birch firewood in 2 m3 crate Size: 25 -30cm (it is possible to get different sizes as well) Moisture : 18 % or fresh Weight: around 54 kg Split size: 8 cm Firewood description Our company produces fresh and kiln dried Oak firewood. Length usually is adjustable to each customer
5 сен
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