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Говядина Телятина Мясо Халяль оптом Украина LLC Mitlife
Оптовая цена
1 - 3 €/кг EXW
LLC "Mitlife", торгово-производственная компания. Наша главная цель: плодотворное сотрудничество с покупателем с наиболее взаимовыгодной ценой для всех. Продаем мясо Халаль Говядина, Телятина Халяль оптом. Тушки, мясо, полу туши охлажденные/замороженные, (шоковая заморозка) Отправляем нашим
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23 мар 2023
Корова полутуша Cow carcase
2.50 $/кг
Sentence Cow carcase +95 kg freeze -10 degrees Halal with FOB certificate $ 2.50. , (400-450 tons / month), after 4-6 weeks of 70% advance payment, The Halal certificate is issued for each batch individually. . If urgency is needed then we can offer a price of $ 2.9 already with a
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19 июн 2020
Export of meat
Export of meat - фото 1
Export of meat - фото 2
+6 фото
Export of meat - фото 3
3 700 $/т
SLK Kronos carries out import and export of meat and poultry in Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAI, Iran and CIS countries. 1. Frozen beef, varietal, 1st and 2nd) 2. Lambs 3. Poultry 4. Chicken legs and beef paste. The company was founded in 2015. Thanks to the experience, knowledge and professionalism of
+1 объявление
15 мая
Найдены объявления в радиусе 510 км от Мадрида
Цена по запросу
We offer you Beef !!! Origin: Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Germany Delivery Terms-CIF to any safe port in the world. Form of payment: DLC The price depends on the request. To avoid wasting time, please provide the LOI and BCL. ——— Watsapp, Viber, Telegram
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19 дек 2020
Frozen meat
1 €/кг
We produce frozen meat: beef, bull, mutton, lamb and goat.
28 сен 2023
Beef omasum
Beef omasum - фото 1
Beef omasum - фото 2
+1 фото
Beef omasum - фото 3
120 €/т CIF
A Grades; Dried & Salted: Washing with Clean hygienic water and with salted water (80% salted 20% clean) drying process 4-5days minimum to complete drying process, pressed under weight, less than 1% salt, 3% moisture, AD (drying process); 800g – 1000g, 1000g-1500g, 1500g plus per piece; No bad...
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25 авг 2022
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